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Gorilla Tag Game Online Play for Free

Have you ever wanted to feel free from all the obligations and difficulties of human life? In Gorilla Tag, you can become a monkey that has nothing to do, but to swing from side to side. You will definitely have an exciting journey! Lets try out game on pc. Moreover, it supports VR, so you can fully dive into the life of a true gorilla! Bring your friends and make them experience such an unforgettable adventure.

Swing through the locations

Gorilla Tag offers you to try controlling a gorilla, so you will need to act like one! From the side of the gameplay, the project is easy and requires you to memorise only a few buttons. You need to learn how to grab an object and stick to it this way. Then you can jump to another one and grab it instead.

Use this method to move around the location and investigate the items that are hidden there. You can also find ropes that you may draw to yourself and swing forward. Remember, that monkeys can jump pretty high and far, so sometimes there is even no need to speed up before the jump. You can play more games here

Although, on the ground you may walk or run on your two arms. It is interesting that the animation of walking is followed by slight swaying, which makes process more realistic.

Once you get used to the mechanics, it is time to go and compete with other players. The project is designed for multiplayer mostly and your buddies will surely be happy to join you. You may choose to communicate with people from all over the world, too! The voice chat lets you speak to them directly and find new acquaintances.

More levels mean more fun

Gorilla Tag presents only six levels, but it will take you some time to search them fully. Moreover, you will have to look for the best routes and hiding spots there. All the terrains have their peculiarities, some of them have snow that will distract you, and others contain many objects that you need to overcome somehow.

It is possible to create your own server, as well. There you may take part in some competitions against other gorillas. However, usually hacks are banned in such places, so check out the rules of the particular server beforehand.

A number of game modes diversify the project immensely. For example, you can select an infection mode that will make a random one of you infected. This person will have to chase the others and spread the disease. Only if you mastered the controls you will be able to avoid the danger and win.

Another option is a hunt, where each player receives a separate aim that needs to be caught. You may cooperate with other participants, if you wish, and try to develop a strategy.

At last, there is a regime that includes whole teams. There needs to be a decent number of participants to form two teams. With so many people you will be able to play paintball, a dynamic game that will challenge your quickness and inventiveness.

To bring something new and unusual to the Gorilla Tag process, you may buy some objects in the special store. You can earn the cash in competitions and later spend them on useful things or decorations.